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Paris and Moscow - the sites of the Forum

The two capitals will consolidate the participants of an international forum aimed at promoting Mathematics and its teaching. During three days – October, 6th, 8th and 13th 2021 – the Forum will connect mathematicians and teachers form Russia and France in online mode.
On October, 6th, some participants will meet to discuss topical matters face-to-face. “We did our best to organize the Forum in such a way as to choose the dates and hours that are the most convenient for our participants,” says a member of the Forum Program committee, head of Mathematical Education Division of HES University Natalia Vital’evna Pokhodnya. “Amid the pandemic, the mixed format of the event will allow us to unite all mathematicians who are interested in the science promotion and want to participate in the Forum, and ensure that they’ll feel safe and comfortable”.
The Forum program can be found on the site.